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<transcy>Peruvian Box Official</transcy>
<transcy>Peruvian Box Official</transcy>

Peruvian Box Official

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The best Peruvian chocolates, sweets, cookies and candies in a very cool box and recontra taypa!

Each box is made just for you and brings more than 25 assorted pieces Among which you can find: Sublime, Triangulo, Cua Cua, Doña Pepa, Morocha, Picara, Casino, MaxiManí, Charada, ChinChin, Lentejitas, Frunas, Margaritas, Chomp, Soda Cookies, Tentacion, Vanilla Cookie, Social Club, Coronita , Chizitos Chipy, Lemon Candy, Chicha Candy, Chupetin Colorado, BomBomBun, Piccolines, CocoRocos and much more.

The best of all? We send everything to your door and anywhere in the world. Stop reading and order your box Peruvian Box Official!

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