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Little questions

What is the expiration (expiration) date of the products?
All products are guaranteed to have 3 weeks or more until their expiration date. Unfortunately due to the shipping time, some products such as soft drinks, Chizitos or Turrónes have a very short shelf life as standard in the United States. We try to get things as fresh as possible. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us so we can resolve any issues.

To which countries do they deliver and how long does it take?
Wherever you want! All boxes leave from the United States and we ship them the next day. Delivery takes 5-6 days to the entire United States and 10-16 days to other countries. We will send you a "Tracking Number" so you can see what day it will arrive.

What will I receive in my box?
The box is made by us and we put more than 25 pieces between choclates, sweets, cookies and 100% Peruvian candies. We have everything ... if we tell you, you won't believe us.

What if something is broken or damaged?
Traaanqui ... Send us an email to info@PeruvianBoxOfficial.com or write to our instagram (Slide in our DMs) PeruvianBoxOfficial and we will send you a replacement. We always treat you well and have a 100% guaranteed money back policy.

Can I choose what I will receive?
You don't like surprises, right? We have more than 150 products and for now in our first launch, you can't. That if .. what you are going to touch is a surprise (we always like to give yapa) And very soon we will start selling products separately.

What other products do you sell?
We have everything! For now we are selling only the box but starting in July we will launch our complete line of Peruvian products.
Do you really donate to Caritas del Peru? How do I know my money will be donated?
A percentage of your purchase goes directly to " Caritas of Peru " (an organization that guides the execution of programs and projects of integral human development directed to the most remote families of Peru). Enjoy the best Peruvian sweets and support your country!
The records (proofs) of all donations will be available and open to anyone who requests it. Just sending a message to info@PeruvianBoxOfficial.com